Compiled psychological resources for coping with COVID-19

Posts I’ve written that some might find helpful:

Platforms for finding an online therapist:

  • If you live in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Illinois, Washington State, Connecticut, or California, I highly recommend searching on this platform for a qualified online therapist who meets your needs: . I’ve found that this site provides a more comprehensive set of search criteria, and a more informative profile about each therapist (including a short video introduction), than do the more traditional therapist search sites, like Psychology Today.
  • I can’t vouch for the quality of this platform (or the providers it employs), but it’s among the more commercially established and popular online therapy platforms, and it offers “unlimited video conferencing and messaging” with your therapist:
  • This page ranks and lists the pro’s and con’s of this and other online therapy platforms:

Resources created or compiled by others:

Note: I have not individually vetted each of these resources (except where otherwise indicated), though they generally come from reputable colleagues and/or are based in well-established therapeutic techniques and principles. Nonetheless, as with everything, I encourage you to use your own judgment and consider your own individual context when deciding whether and how each recommendation applies to you.


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