What my clients say…

I have worked with Gena on one on one sessions and group sessions for 2 years. I have faced and overcome my MOST difficult challenges in my life during these times, ALL at the same time. I seperated from a marriage that was not working, I left my job and started my own practice, I subsequently stood up to my ex-employer who threatened me with litigation. Most of all, I realized how much I love being a dad and I continue to work hard towards increasing my time with him. It’s difficult to emphasize how big these achievements were for me considering certain contexts which I have not mentioned. My internal and external struggles are not over but my actions have given me some confidence in my ability to DO things. In addition, our sessions and discussions have empowered me with tools and techniques that I continue to utilize for my growth and betterment. If you see me achieve something big someday, part of the credit goes to me and others who have supported me, and the rest, to Gena. 

—Physician and entrepreneur, Northeast USA

“I wanted to let you know that you have transformed my life.  It is becoming a fulfilling, joyful experience that would have never happened without your passion, commitment and care…. I’m acting naturally, and trying to figure out what that really feels like.  It feels wonderful.  I’m glad I’m here on earth to really experience my life.

…At the time of our introduction, my reckless life choices had finally destroyed my prior achievements and personal relationships.  The unstable equilibrium I had sustained for decades would no longer work with an expanding family, a failing marriage and the mounting demands of my job as a hedge fund portfolio manager.  The most visible damage was at work, given the necessity to manage other professionals and deliver consistent results.   I engaged you to shore up my failing investment performance, yet your intervention purposely extended to the core of my self-destruction.  You shed light on my incapacity to relate to individuals, beyond disposable vessels to either cower to or intimidate.  I expressed my self-loathing as fear, bitterness and rage directed at anyone who threatened my need to receive external validation.  My all-consuming purpose was to fill the void by manipulating people into gifting me self-worth.  I would protect my brittle self-esteem by dismissing the facts, surrendering responsibility and blaming the world.  I was running in circles, distantly observing my powerless existence in the third person. 

You had a daunting task.  Yet, by your methodical and systematic work, you shepherded me through the pain-staking transformation of my life’s fundamental premises.  In retrospect, I lacked the ability to consciously identify and pursue personally valuable, rational goals.  Your treatment has granted me the opportunity to live a meaningful life – not as a second-handed victim of whim, but as an independent human being. 

You have enabled me to responsibly pursue happiness on my terms, and as a result experience personal love and professional success.  Thank you for teaching me how to earn my life back.”

—Macro portfolio manager and independent investor, Atlanta, GA

“As a client, Gena always treated me with the utmost respect, and understood the importance of building a strong, trusting relationship in order to maximize success during our therapy sessions. Her values not only in her work, but in life, were among the most relatable and admirable that I’ve encountered. She emphasized the importance of living a fulfilling life and finding love not only in one’s relationships and career, but also the importance of finding love and admiration in oneself. I would personally recommend Gena to anyone seeking therapy, be it for a small nagging concern or the impetus to start taking the steps towards big life changes.”

—Writer and aspiring filmmaker, Boston, MA

“If I could summarize my perception of working with Gena in one word, that word would be purpose. Gena brought a sense of purpose to every single session. After every session, I had clear and concise takeaways or exercises. And each session was another step along the way toward my ultimate goal. She worked with me so that I could better understand my own behavior, my emotional reactions that were driving my behavior, and to bring the power of my mind to bear on all of this so that I can recognize when I am trending back into those behaviors and use mental tools to adjust my course. Gena self describes herself as your biggest fan to celebrate your accomplishments, but that she will also challenge you in ways that are unique, serious, and powerful… I can think of no more accurate way of describing her approach. Gena has earned my respect, and I highly recommend her therapy to anyone.”

—Business owner and tech entrepreneur, Greater Chicago Area

“Gena made it clear that she was a partner in discussing my mental health. She was not the teacher who is chiding me at any potential error, but an educator and thinking partner. She was not afraid to ask the questions that I may have been too afraid to face alone, and that is exactly the relationship I needed. She did not assume I was too vulnerable to be asked, and instead assumed I was another capable individual, dedicated to solutions and answers. I’ve found them–and keep finding them thanks to feeling unafraid to face anything. I would recommend anyone in their lifetime see Gena, she’s a very unique thinker, which makes her a unique and inspiring therapist. I hope she has plans to develop more therapists in practice who are learning from her methods.”

—Fitness coach and business owner, Vancouver, Canada

“I finished my MBA today! I am confident I either would have not finished, or taken significant time off during this program had it not been for my work with you. So thank you again! (I’ll keep saying thank you until forever).”

—Healthcare business professional, Boston, MA

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