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Gena Gorlin


I am a licensed psychotherapist with extensive experience providing scientifically-based therapy to individuals with anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, and related psychological challenges.

Currently I have a small, fully remote private practice. I serve ambitious, high-achieving adults in New York and Texas who are seeking radical self-betterment, typically in the context of their entrepreneurial ventures. I am out-of-network with insurance and charge a minimum of $500/hour for weekly psychotherapy.

My mission as a therapist is to inspire and empower my clients to 1) form a bold, honest vision of what they really want; and 2) make it real.

What this means for each client is different. Sometimes it means overcoming significant physical or psychological roadblocks. Sometimes it means casting off unchosen burdens and thinking in new, unconventional ways about what you really want and how to get it.

Regardless of what sorts of dragons you need to slay, I listen closely and try to reflect as honestly and helpfully as possible what I understand you to be saying (and, sometimes, not saying). And I provide an arsenal of science-based tools—including cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, motivational interviewing, values clarification, acceptance and commitment therapy, schema-based therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and other well-tested approaches—along with an endless supply of moral support to help you fight your chosen fight, and to remember why it’s worth it.

How I’m different

While I use all the same well-established therapeutic and coaching tools as any provider trained in modern evidence-based approaches, you will find that my method is also distinct in some important respects. The core difference is that I have an explicit, philosophically-informed perspective on human nature and thriving that shapes every aspect of my approach. This perspective is unapologetically secular, and also deeply spiritual; ruthlessly realistic, and also profoundly hopeful about the power of one’s unfettered mind and imagination to change one’s life for the better.

As a result, you might find that I cheer you on with more fervor, but also challenge you to think deeper, fight harder, and aim higher in the direction of your chosen vision than some other therapists or coaches might do. It also means I will strongly encourage you to challenge and push back on my perspective, and will welcome honest disagreement as an opportunity for mutual exploration and learning. Indeed, one of my favorite aspects of this work is getting to learn and grow in step with my clients, and being inspired by them in turn.

Select testimonials

I have worked with Gena on one on one sessions and group sessions for 2 years. I have faced and overcome my most difficult challenges in my life during these times, all at the same time. I separated from a marriage that was not working, I left my job and started my own practice, I subsequently stood up to my ex-employer who threatened me with litigation. Most of all, I realized how much I love being a dad... It’s difficult to emphasize how big these achievements were for me.

Physician and entrepreneur
Northeast USA

At the time of our introduction, my reckless life choices had finally destroyed my prior achievements and personal relationships. The unstable equilibrium I had sustained for decades would no longer work with an expanding family, a failing marriage and the mounting demands of my job as a hedge fund portfolio manager. The most visible damage was at work, given the necessity to manage other professionals and deliver consistent results. I engaged you to shore up my failing investment performance, yet your intervention purposely extended to the core of my self-destruction...

You had a daunting task. Yet, by your methodical and systematic work, you shepherded me through the pain-staking transformation of my life’s fundamental premises...

You have enabled me to responsibly pursue happiness on my terms, and as a result experience personal love and professional success. Thank you for teaching me how to earn my life back.

Macro portfolio manager and independent investor
Atlanta, GA

If I could summarize my perception of working with Gena in one word, that word would be purpose. Gena brought a sense of purpose to every single session. After every session, I had clear and concise takeaways or exercises. And each session was another step along the way toward my ultimate goal...

Gena self describes herself as your biggest fan to celebrate your accomplishments, but that she will also challenge you in ways that are unique, serious, and powerful. I can think of no more accurate way of describing her approach.

Business owner and tech entrepreneur
Greater Chicago